Who we are

Located on the peninsula of Caen (France), between the marina basin Saint-Pierre and the viaduct of Calix, “Le nouveau bassin” (the New basin) is the place to be for yachting business development in Caen.

This sector with continuous innovation is a great generator of jobs. Its beneficial impact on the economic development of the city and the region is growing year after year.

These businesses have decided to join their effort to form the association “CaenTechMer” (CTM) in order to become the strongest group of yachting professionals of the capital of Lower Normandy.

The “nouveau bassin”, previously reserved for declining industrial activities is now in the hands of nautical companies with numerous skills. CaenTechMer is becoming become a leader in boating industry in Normandy.

L’Équipe CaenTechMer

Marc Lefebvre



02 31 83 51 31

Simon Vermès



02 31 35 82 38

Antoine Brugidou



06 03 05 03 99

Xavier Gosselin



02 31 83 86 42


What we do

Painting, surface treatment, protection & cleaning, scaffolding

Sailing making, saddlers

Equipment manufacturers

Mechanics, hydraulics, propulsion systems, electricity


Insurance, vocational training, crew recruitment


Ship agent, work management, port activities

Refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation, water treatment

Engineering consulting firm, control of work

Architects, designers, decorators

Joinery, fittings

Metal works, piping, welding

Project management

Electronics, communications, computing, safety

Fire protection, depollution